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The fleeting moment when you feel an electricity coming from the city, and exchanged looks become shared moments, if only for an instant; Paris is drowsy in the lingering heat of a summer afternoon, when the contained energy of the capital is ready to wake with the first spark. An imperceptible sensation finds an echo in my body; our gazes meet, and the echo resonates in a partner’s gesture, as we are drawn into an ephemeral dance. Other bodies gravitate around ours and join in – strangers, passers-by, tourists – who intersect and then go on their way bearing its imprint within them. The movement is animated by the surrounding energy of the city; the bridges, the banks of the Seine come alive – as so many transitive spaces materialize and connections are made and unmade in an instant. A touch, a gaze, a gesture: bodies interact, moved by the energy inside of them. The moment passes, but the haptic memory remains; the seeds of emotion are sown, and the individuals brought together for an instant are ready to blossom when their time comes, to create new connections. 

Director Statement

In my choreographic approach, I like to play with broken and smooth lines, creating movement that goes from static to free-flowing, so surprises are always in store, both for my dancers and for audiences. My movement is very inspired by the ocean and the way waves move and carry an object, creating freedom between the dancers and space. That sensibility is present in my directorial perspective, as well. I prefer to establish an airy, open canvas for my subjects to move across and proliferate. My sense of pacing is related to my play with line, and adds variance and subtlety to this space of play.

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